My current passion is filet lace/lacis/malla. I have several ideas of things to do with this laceform that traces itself to the 12-13th centuries. Lacis is a lace form that is built on knotted net. There is a form done on a woven net, which is Burrato.

Netting itself is ancient and you can see nets used in most cultures. From there, it is easy to just start decorating the net with colorful threads. The mesh got smaller and the stitches while still simple created beautiful motifs.

Nets and Netting 101

My first piece of lacis. The net is a 5-7 mesh made by me and uses colored silk for the pattern.

Inspired by Vinciolo, 1587. This pattern can be downloaded and printed in my class notes below.

This is my creation so it is for personal use only. (designed in 2014)

Filet Lace Class

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